December, 13 2022

In a commitment to the Bolivian industry, Alicorp, a leading agro-industrial and mass consumption company in Bolivia, inaugurated this Friday, December 9, a new production line at its industrial plant in Cochabamba, where it began to manufacture home care products of its brand Sapolio, which until now were imported.

This expansion is a commitment to this region, to Bolivia and its development. With this new line we will significantly increase the supply of home care products, through cleaners, disinfectants and dishwashers of the Sapolio brand," says Patricio Jaramillo, regional vice president of Mass Consumption and Innovation at Alicorp.

From now on, the Alicorp plant in Cochabamba will produce more than 4,000 tons of Sapolio brand products per year. In this way, the company keeps its consumers at the center of its decisions, bringing them high-quality products at an excellent price. To this end, it continues to work on the diversification of its mass consumption portfolio, responding to the changing needs of the market. Proof of this is that the company has also managed to introduce new brands with a very good reception in the Bolivian market. To date, along with Sapolio, brands such as Bolivar, Uno, Patito and Opal stand out.

Alicorp and its contribution to Bolivia

Alicorp is a company with more than 65 years of experience in mass consumption. It began operating in Bolivia in 2018, through the acquisition of ADM-SAO and Industrias de Aceite FINO, both companies with more than 70 years of experience. In the country, the company develops two businesses: Mass Consumption (food, personal and household care) and Grain Milling (soybeans and sunflower seeds).

Our commitment to the development of Bolivia is widely recognized. We are an important player in the agro-industrial sector and we have a growing leadership in mass consumption, generating value in both production chains, highlights Javier Rota, country manager of Alicorp Bolivia.

Alicorp's impact on the Bolivian industry is reflected in its contribution through quality employment. Today, the company generates approximately 1,000 direct jobs through its operations in 8 departments of the country. To these are added the indirect jobs that make up the entire production chain, for example, 5,000 workers related to the Milling area. Likewise, Alicorp's brands are marketed throughout the country through more than 25,000 direct and indirect retail outlets where more than 165,000 people are employed.

"At Alicorp we work guided by our purpose of Feeding a Better Tomorrow, seeking to be a company that positively impacts people's lives, whether they are customers, consumers, suppliers or collaborators, since feeding is much more than giving food, for us it is also inspire, help grow and contribute to development, says Rota.

Achieving these results is part of a strategy cared for by Alicorp in which both safety, quality and high standards are part. The operations in Bolivia have ISO certifications in environmental and safety systems, which have also just been recertified in 2022.

About Alicorp

Alicorp is a company with more than 60 years of history. It has operations in 8 Latin American countries and its more than 120 brands reach 25 nations. Alicorp specializes in four business lines: 1) Mass consumption (in the food, personal care and home categories), 2) B2B (industrial flours, industrial shortenings, premixes and gastronomy products), 3) Aquaculture (balanced feed for fish and shrimp) and 4) Grinding of grains (soybeans and sunflower seeds).

In Bolivia it has 3 plants nationwide and its brands include: Fino, Sabrosa, Regia, Bolivar, Plusbelle, Don Vittorio, Alacena, Angel, Nutregal, Opal, Dento, Sapolio and Uno. Likewise, the company works with more than thousand farmers dedicated to the cultivation of soybeans and sunflowers.