September, 02 2020
  • Nine nursing homes nine children 's homes around the country as well as the Oncology Hospital of Santa Cruz, were the recipients of the solidarity of the #CuidadoMasAllaDeLaRopa Detergent Bolivar.
  • Bolivar detergent brand that sells Alicorp in Bolivia, deployed nationwide campaign to benefit social institutions in need of support in this pandemic, providing them with an important provision of washing powder.

Detergent Bolivar, company brand Alicorp, donated a total of 6,000 kilos of powdered detergent for laundry in nine shelters for children and adolescents, some with special abilities as well as nine senior centers in eight cities Bolivia and the Oncological Hospital of Santa Cruz, reaffirming its commitment to the most vulnerable sectors of Bolivian society.

The benefit with this donation centers, mainly run by religious men and women, were selected seeking to reach the most disadvantaged, especially the emergency Sanitary going through. They were the following ones:

  • Santa Cruz: Oncological Hospital, Hogar Santa Teresa de Los Andes and Nursing Sisters homeless
  • Cochabamba: Nursing Home San Jose Children 's Home Solomon Klein
  • Tarija: Nursing Home Santa Teresa Jornet and children Sagrada Familia
  • Oruro: Penny Children 's home, nursing home Sagrada Familia
  • Potosi Children 's Home Child Nursing Prague and San Roque
  • Sucre: Nursing Home May 25 and Children 's Home Virgen de la Yetra
  • Peace: Mother Teresa Home El Alto, San Ramon Nursing Home
  • Villegas children 's home, children 's home Baby Jesus
  • Trinidad: Home of children Trinidad, Nursing Sacred Heart of Jesus

Thanks to this act of social responsibility, approximately 2,000 people, including children, the elderly and cancer patients, as well as social institutions that shelter, will be guaranteed until approximately the end of this year washing your clothes, linens, towels and other fabric goods. Providing these products is even more significant during this pandemic, where hygiene and personal care are vital,

Yolanda Aguilera, manager of the Bolivar brand Bolivia, explained that this campaign seeks to reflect the philosophy of the brand, which is to work beyond the clothing care, relying on the care of life, health and family. Thus arises the idea force with which the campaign is reaching various institutions benefited in the country: "Bolivar also care for those most in need".


In the last two weeks, trucks Alicorp's came to each of the institutions to deliver the scheduled contribution to those responsible for the administration or management of the center, who showed their gratitude to the company for this contribution, which will certainly be of great support for hygiene and care of inmates, patients and shelters themselves.

Reflecting the importance of this issue, the head of the Nursing Home "Hermanitas Desamparadas" city of Santa Cruz, Sister Doris said "We received with joy this blessing that brings the company Alicorp. The detergent is always an important requirement in our economy and we receive in this way greatly relieved, plus it helps keep our grandpas clean and healthy. "

Thus, in the eight capitals of the country, Alicorp trucks were delivering contributions and receiving the gratitude of inmates and their managers. Importantly , the logistical movement deployed to make deliveries were executed in compliance with all brindadas recommendations by health institutions and applying stricter measures bio security.

"We are pleased to have made these deliveries and thus support children and vulnerable elderly: two sectors of society who need our love and support. The warmth with which we receive motivates us to continue doing these activities , "he said Yolanda Aguilera, brand manager for Bolivia's Bolivar.

about Alicorp

Alicorp is a leading company in consumer multilatina. It has operations in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Honduras and exports to other countries. Alicorp specializes in four lines of business: 1) Consumer goods (food, personal care and home) in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and other countries, 2) B2B (flour industrial, industrial shortenings, premixes and food products), 3) Aquaculture (balanced food for fish and shrimp) and 4) grain milling (bean soybean and sunflower).

In Bolivia it has 3 plants nationwide and its brands Fino, Don Vittorio, Bolivar, one, Sapolio and Regia are present in all Bolivian households. Works with more than a thousand farmers in soybean and sunflower crops.