April, 09 2024

For the fourth time, we received recognition for CSR granted by COSAS magazine, the Delegation of the European Union in Bolivia, the United Nations Global Compact and Laboratorios Bagó.

The COSAS 2024 award, given to 19 leading companies in an event held in the city of La Paz, was awarded to Alicorp for the high impact on society of the sustainability programs and actions developed by the company in 2023, which were framed in three fundamental axes: environment, well-being and development of the value chain.

“We thank COSAS, the European Union, the Global Compact and Bagó for this new recognition of Alicorp's sustainability actions, which are essential for the company, since we recognize that we exist thanks to the ecosystem and society where we operate, and we want protect them and progress together with them,” highlighted Cynthia Valencia Canedo, Executive Manager of Corporate Affairs at Alicorp Bolivia, in time to receive the distinction from the general manager of Laboratorios Bagó, María René Centellas.

Among the sustainability programs that we develop in 2023, the following stand out:

Sustainable Soy

The Sustainable Soy Program - in line with Alicorp's Responsible Sourcing Policy (PAR) - is a commitment to contribute to the sustainability of agriculture in four lines of action: traceability of deforestation, identification of risks related to sustainability, optimization of sustainable purchasing processes and strategic alliances.

This program accompanies the beginning of the path towards sustainability of the soy business, seeking to promote standards of action for producers in order to enhance their positive impact on society, as well as reduce possible negative environmental or social impacts, always in the face of new requirements. of clients, consumers and markets.


Since 2021, we have maintained a strategic alliance with GreensideSolutions, a leading company in the collection of used vegetable oil in Bolivia. The collection is done in the collection centers in the cities of Santa Cruz, La Paz, Cochabamba, Sucre and Oruro in order to transport it to Europe and convert it into biodiesel.

In 2023, 1,288,745 liters of oil were collected, which are exchanged for Alicorp products. According to data from GreensideSolutions, in Bolivia between 25 and 30 million liters of waste associated with used vegetable cooking oil are generated annually, which reveals the dimension and importance of this program.

Productivity Contest

For four years, we have held productivity contests that challenge producers to improve the amount of soybeans produced per hectare. In 2023, 31 farmers from Santa Cruz took on the challenge and, during the 22/23 summer campaign, put their knowledge and skills into practice using products from their agricultural line and with our technical support.

Thus, they achieved an improvement in the yield of their crops of up to 4.47 tons per hectare, productivity that is comparable to results from countries such as the United States, Brazil and Argentina. The three winners were awarded a trip to Brazil to learn about good production practices in situ.

Likewise, our Milling unit constantly develops training courses and conferences to promote knowledge management among farmers.

Route Companions

It benefits the more than 9,000 transportation providers that provide their services to Alicorp. Through various trainings, it helps transporters stay up to date on important issues for their field and have safer and more responsible driving.

In 2023, these training tasks reached 340 transporters and 30 representatives of tanker companies, who participated in 6 face-to-face courses in La Paz and Santa Cruz on topics such as road safety, personal safety and use of protective equipment, safe driving on roads, among others.

Perfect Client

This is a loyalty program for the company's customers that is accompanied by an application (app), which provides them with permanent information to help them manage problems and find solutions to their doubts, helping their business grow.

The objective of Perfect Client is to empower our clients, providing them with tools that help them strengthen their business and make it sustainable over time. In 2023, Perfect Client has reached 350 clients in the markets of Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and La Paz.

Community of Bakers

It is a sustainability program that contributes to strengthening the capabilities of the bakery sector so that they can generate added value to their products. It is based on 4 pillars: Consultative Development, Workshops, Digital Area and Alliance with the Federation of Bakers.

Between 2022 and 2023, we reached nearly 700 master bakers from the cities of El Alto, La Paz and Santa Cruz, who benefited from the 8 trainings organized in coordination with the Federation of Bakers.

These sustainability and CSR actions have earned us numerous recognitions from 2020 to date; which are a sample of our commitment to the sustainability strategy and our purpose of Feeding a Better Tomorrow.


During the 2023 administration, together with the Bolivian Food Bank we ratify our alliance to work together for the well-being of the community.

In this sense, we donated various products to the Food Bank: 20,000 liters of Sapolio bleach, and 37,000 kg of Bolívar detergents to five public hospitals in the country.

Finally, within the framework of the crisis that affected the municipality of Cuatro Cañadas in the winter of 2023, we allocated 7,800 kg of food products that were distributed in 32 communities and 6,300 kg to the Comprehensive Center Association of Agricultural Producers of San Julián - ACIPAC in Santa Cruz.

Likewise, another 2,000 kg of food products were delivered to the Pukarani OTB, in the department of La Paz.