We nurture a better tomorrow

Because to nurturing means inspiring, improving, growing; it means changing the world. This is not a statement, it is a movement.

We started out as an oil and soaps company; we expanded into the food, home care and personal care sectors; and today we feed the growth of each country where we are and improve the quality of life of our employees, suppliers, investors, consumers and communities.

This is the lodestar that we follow and the reason that motivates us to innovate and improve every action we take, in line with our values and strategic pillars.

Our history

  • 1944
    Foundation of “Industrias de Aceite S.A."
    The Said family founded what we know today as "Industrias de Aceite S.A.", on February 15, 1944 in Cochabamba, with the aim of industrializing the nugget and producing edible oil for the national market.
  • 1954
    Creation of our first Fino Oil
    With only 23 workers and 7 employees, the first oil with the FINO brand goes on sale. Which, had the great challenge of winning local markets, replacing the oils that were imported from Argentina.
  • 1970
    Acquisition of the Romero group
    Tin cans are discarded and plastic containers are introduced for the first time thanks to Polyethylene and PVC injection machines imported directly from Germany.
  • 1970
    Development of new packaging
    Tin cans are discarded and plastic containers are introduced for the first time thanks to Polyethylene and PVC injection machines imported directly from Germany.
  • 1970
    Soybean Processing
    At the end of the 70 SAO includes the processing of soybeans, for its growing importance in the agriculture of the department of Santa Cruz
  • 1976
    SAO Foundation
    SAO Foundation formed by a group of Bolivian and foreign businessmen, with an approximate capital of $ 11 million as a cottonseed processing plant obtaining crude, refined oil and cake.
  • 1977
    First export of cotton cake
    In 1977 SAO exported its cotton cake for the first time
  • 1977
    Hydrogenation plant
    At the end of the 70s the Hydrogenation Plant is installed. Thanks to this successful innovation, today KARINA and GORDITO butters together with Margarina REGIA remain as leaders in the national market.
  • 1980
    Increase in the use of Soy
    At this time and given the change in the development of raw materials, soybeans are used as the main generator of edible oil, competing directly with all imported products in the field.
  • 1990
    Fino crosses borders
    FINO manages to enter demanding markets such as Chilean, Colombian and Venezuelan with refined oils, processing 6,000 tons per month which are achieved today, as installed capacity, in our Cochabamba Plant
  • 1998
    SAO and ADM Strategic Alliance
    SAO concretizes a strategic alliance with the American multinational company Archerds Danield Midlan (ADM) of the food and commodities sector, betting on the agro-industrial development in Bolivia.
  • 2000
    Export Expansion
    ADM Sao manages to enter international markets with refined and crude oils to Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Chile
  • 2006
    Grinding Increase
    The extraction process is increased by totaling a milling of 1,900 MT / day between both plants.
  • 2007
    Strategic partners
    Links are created with strategic partners in mass consumption
  • 2013
    Expansion of installed capacity
    A new extension allows a final milling of 2,500 MT / day. Achieving an installed capacity six times greater than it was in the 80s.
  • 2017
    Quality export
    For 20 years and promoting the strength of FINO, marketing and distribution work has been carried out for top-level international brands, which complement our product basket.
  • 2018
    Fino and Sao Bolivia
    Alicorp acquires the companies Fino and Sao, in Bolivia.
  • 2019
    Variety in our product portfolio
    The company's vision has aimed to strengthen the product portfolio by innovating and offering the market healthier products such as Fino Light (1996), Regia Light (2009) and Fino Mental Active with DHA (2013).

Our model

Our mission

We transform our markets through leading brands, generating extraordinary experiences in our consumers. we are constantly innovating to create value and welfare in society.

Our vision

To be leaders in the markets in which we compete.

Our values

We unite and guide the way we work

We’re connected

We feel the goals of the organization as our own and fulfill them with excellence. We work connected to create value and wellbeing.

We are agile and flexible

We are an agile and flexible team, we take risks, learn from our mistakes and celebrate our successes with humility.

We trust

We live in an environment where people feel safe to express what they think. We genuinely trust our employees and believe in their talent.

We lead passion

We are passionate leaders in everything we do. We are entrepreneurs with a winning spirit and courage, which drives us to innovate and transform markets.

We respect

We are upright and honest. We respect our people, customers, consumers, environment and community. We welcome different views.

Our strategic pillars

We prepare for the future, adapting to changes and demands of the markets in which we participate, always leveraging on our three pillars.


We are building a culture of efficiency with a discipline of simplicity and agility, and a commitment to act as owners and be efficient in everything we do.


We trust and develop the talents of our people to strengthen our culture, which will drive us toward growth targets. We seek to share knowledge and experiences, and bring the "Alicorp culture" wherever we go. We are working to strengthen our governance model and our roles.


We strive to be leaders in the businesses in which we are present. We have set challenging but achievable goals, with growth above the levels of the markets in which we compete. Our commitment is to continue growing steadily and efficiently.



Strengthen a culture and invocation capabilities, investing in businesses with potential for the future to ensure our long-term growth.


Promote digital transformation and use advanced analytics to create value for our shareholders, employees, customers, consumers and communities.

International presence

We have business operations in 8 countries in latin america where we export to various markets, 4 business lines and over 150 own brands.

Business lines
Own brands
Business lines
Own brands

Negocios en países de Latinoamérica

  • Peru

  • Colombia

  • Ecuador

  • Bolivia

  • Uruguay

  • Peru

  • Peru

  • Ecuador

  • Mexico

  • Honduras

  • Chile

  • Bolivia

Our businesses

Massive consume
Food, home care and personal care
Ingredients and supplies for the Bakery, Gastronomy and Large Industries sectors
Balanced foods for shrimp, salmon and fish
Crushing oil seeds
Refined flours and oils made from sunflower and soybean seeds

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