April, 13 2020
  • Alicorp, through its #AyudaAlQueAyuda initiative donated 125 thousand dollars for the development of 25 respirators

In response to high international demand for medical devices, the Navy of Peru is preparing respirators basic artificial, called Samay, with the aim of contributing to the recovery of patients with coronavirus and meet domestic demand for these tools.

Thus, artificial respirators produced by the Navy will increase the number of teams for critical care patients nationwide, optimizing production and distribution time.

In that vein, different organizations CONFIEP, National Society of Industries, the PANDORA and Alicorp group have joined the initiative launched by the Navy to allow direct purchase of parts that allow the assembly and manufacture of 100 respirators Samay in the next weeks.

Alicorp recognizes the hard work of the Navy in favor of the safety and health of Peruvians and, through its #AyudaalqueAyuda initiative, welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with funding of 25 100 respirators, which are ready to They are distributed by the Ministry of Health.

Notably, the design prepared by the Directorate for Scientific Research and Technological Development Marina is approved by the various agencies of the Ministry of Health and is a valuable contribution at a time where demand for respirators worldwide has risen exponentially.

about #AyudaAlQueAyuda

#AyudaAlQueAyuda Alicorp is the initiative against the emergency that seeks to address, with a grant valued at 15 million soles, vulnerable populations and those heroes who are on the frontlines through the delivery of food, cleaning products , among others. This commitment also includes support for the authorities availability of knowledge and technology platforms that can help manage national emergency. It has also activated a solidarity network internally, promoting donations of its employees and pledging to triple the amount donated through the #Yomesumo network and actively living your purpose of feeding a better tomorrow.