July, 30 2020

To contribute to the economic revitalization of the gastronomic sector in the country, Glover joined Alicorp through the campaign "Promos Help" where users had the option of choosing more than 100 dishes, from an original price of S / 14.90 , a final price of S / 4.90. The promotion was in force from July 10 and in just three days 10,000 transactions benefiting 100 small and medium restaurants in Lima were generated.

"The restaurants increased their sales during the campaign between 30% and 50% thanks to this attractive promotion sponsored Alicorp for consumers. This initiative also contributed to small and medium restaurants have greater visibility into the application, captured new users and increased the frequency of orders , "said Stephanie Hoyle, Director of Marketing Glover.

This initiative is part of the support plan that Alicorp has been working on several fronts for the resumption of the activities of small and medium businesses. "From Alicorp, and through this partnership, we seek to encourage businesses gastronomy that have been affected by the emergency situation, so that we can continue to feed thousands of Peruvians and building together a better tomorrow, said Gustavo Peralta, Director Business Gastronomy Alicorp's.

Thus, during the three days of the promotion through the platform technology it was a key factor and became a strategic ally in generating demand for restaurants. To access the various dishes offer small and medium restaurants Lima, users searched the category "Promos Help" that was on the button "Promos" of the applicative multiservice leader in the Peruvian market.

Businesses that participated had orders additional to its regular sale, because it has a universe of over 25,000 users accessing constantly review the promotions offered in the application of Glover. It should be noted that the number of restaurants, promotions and orders establishment depended on the size of the premises selected for the campaign.

Glover is already operating in Lima, Cuzco, Trujillo, Arequipa, Piura and Chiclayo, and soon it will also do in Ica. As part of its protocol, the company implemented in each province a control center mandatory disinfection prior deliverers to the start of each workday where verification kit delivered protective equipment (mask, goggles, gloves, alcohol, alcohol gel is performed and stool), identity verification of the distributor, outlet temperature and disinfection of clothing and vehicle.