22 de Julio de 2019

More than 120 thousand people in Lima and Callao will benefit from the new fleet of trucks traveling food trucks "Sazon de Hierro", to raise awareness about the importance of taking iron to fight anemia.

In this regard, the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the company Alicorp presented 12 mobile units that form part of the "Sazon de Hierro" strategy because it will help promote iron-rich foods to prevent disease through educational talks, Delivery promotional material and recipe; and tasting.

Through this alliance it is expected to reduce levels of anemia and strengthen the consumption of foods high in iron. as cause to sangrecita, fried rice with sangrecita sangrecita ragout, pepper fish, cau cau bofe, liver spring, among others.

"We know that regional and local government are bound to be able to reduce anemia, which is a state policy. We currently have an average of 43.5% of children with this disease that impairs growth and cognitive, neural and sensory development of our younger than 3 years, "said Health Minister, Zulema Thomas, during the presentation of the new fleet .

The head of the sector stressed that the Government has implemented a number of mechanisms to combat this disease. "Our children in the present and future, deserve a life with quality. Therefore, we make every effort to combat it, "he said.

It also called on mothers needs treatment for anemia is not in one month but for six months therefore should not leave this process to have a healthy child free of this disease.

Zulema Thomas said the new fleet will begin its activities this month thanks to articulated and coordinated private enterprise and local governments work, and will run until November this year. Thus, private enterprise adds to government efforts to combat anemia.

"Health Not Wait, anemia destroys and diminishes our reserves to defend ourselves from any disease," he said.

In turn, the CEO of Alicorp, Alfredo Perez Gubbins said, "because we feed a better tomorrow, we are committed to contribute to the fight against childhood anemia in Peru. Therefore, we join the initiative developed by the MoH "Sazon de Hierro", an intervention model tested and contributing to the National Plan for the Reduction and Control of Anemia Children and Chronic Child Malnutrition in Peru: 2017-2021 ".

The official said that initiatives like this, where efforts between the public sector and private enterprise are articulated, contributing greatly to achieve greater impact on the welfare of Peruvians.

"We as a company are present and we see that this initiative will get good results. During this time of intervention, will be distributed 60,000 rations of food rich in iron districts with higher rates of anemia and population as San Juan de Lurigancho (48.9%), Ate (48.2%), Comas (42.1%) , Villa El Salvador (35.5%), window (35%), among others, "he said.

Then the mayor of the district of Jesus Maria explained that anemia in children under 36 months of age at the national level is one of the most severe public health problems in the country. Currently, 743,000 children under age 3 are anemic therefore its development is at risk.

"In Jesus Maria, earlier this year we've found that 41.7% of children aged 6 to 35 months with the disease that can have consequences on their growth. Therefore, it is our duty to fight against this evil frontally with the Ministry of Health, "he added.

It is noteworthy that on July 29, during the military parade, the 12 roving trucks food trucks of "Sazon de Hierro" will be present along Av. Brasil, offering all attendees the opportunity to try and learn how to prepare these high food rich in iron.

These units are properly equipped and have the participation of a staff composed of a chef and nutritionist.