June, 24 2020

Aligned with our commitment to assist the authorities during national emergency, we join the multisectoral working group Te Cuido Peru to develop a software that optimizes the work of case detection COVID-19, because it facilitates the planning of routes visiting home made by rapid response teams of the Ministry of Health in various districts of the city.

This tool, developed based on the knowledge we have in Alicorp distribution, has been used by the group Te Cuido Peru for two months. In this period, there has been a significant increase in the number of visias and implementation of evidence discard. Thus, it has been shelved manual route planning care, achieving greater efficiency and agility in the work field of medical equipment. The software also allows fleet monitoring and traceability of the number of tests, both carried out as outstanding, for proper management of resources.

"Through our #AyudaAlQueAyuda initiative, we have made available to the authorities our knowledge and distribution tools for planning routes applied testing kits for COVID-19. We believe that the partnership between the private sector and the state is important at this time of national emergency , "said Mifleh Ahmad, director of Marketing Services and Projects Alicorp's.

Detection equipment is one of the seven components of the group Te Cuido Peru. They have, in turn, with rapid response teams that cross the city of Lima for testing suspected cases reported through telephone exchanges and Peru app on your hands, whose development also included our participation with other institutions who joined to provide support in this context.