a company of Alicorp, Latin American leader in nutritional solutions for aquaculture.

For more than 30 years, Vitapro develops specialized solutions in aquaculture nutrition through its brands Nicovita and Salmofood, complying with the highest quality standards and constantly innovating with the purpose of transforming aquaculture to nourish tomorrow.


Our experience allows us to develop cost-effective nutritional solutions for each type and stage of cultivation maximizing the profitability of our customers.

Optimal care for the start of production. Initiating food that increases the resistance of the animal in the early stages, improving survival and growth homogeneity to improve good future production.
Food with adequate attractiveness and palatability that guarantees the optimum digestibility of its nutrients. Its good stability in the water and the small percentage of fines contribute to the best use of the food.
Diet carefully prepared for each stage of cultivation in higher demand systems. Thanks to its higher energy content, it guarantees an increase in the growth rate, reduction in cultivation time, optimal food conversion factor, decrease in production costs and therefore greater profitability for the producer.
Functional diet for the treatment of diseases that contains a mix of organic acids. It helps improve survival, thanks to its bactericidal activity that helps fight bacterial infections by Vibrio. In addition, it does not require withdrawal time and has high palatability to encourage the consumption of food in situations of incompetence.
Diet designed with a nutritional profile to meet the requirements in systems with good natural productivity during the pre-harvest stage.

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