May, 04 2022

The common pots are the main sustenance of food for more than 250 thousand Peruvians in a situation of extreme poverty. In these times of health and economic crisis, the service they provide is even more necessary; however, the scarcity of economic resources limits their supply possibilities and puts their subsistence at risk. In this sense, Alicorp presents Pots that Develop, a platform that seeks to join efforts with different allies to turn common pots into sustainable organizations over time.

"We want to be a facilitator so that the common pots in Peru can be increasingly solid organizations, that not only temporarily access essential products, but can self-manage and coordinate efforts with different organizations in their area and in the country to continue providing the important service they offer to citizens, commented Malena Morales, Vice President of Corporate Affairs of Alicorp.

At this time, the donation of 1.3 million servings of food such as tuna, pasta, semolina, oils, sauces, cookies, among other products, is already committed. Additionally, the equipment of these organizations will be improved through the donation of kitchens, pots, gas cylinders and/or kitchen utensils. In parallel, training will be conducted to help the leaders of these organizations improve their management, entrepreneurship and nutrition skills. These trainings will be developed based on the needs of each common pot and will be possible thanks to the joint work of the NGOs that work with them today and the experience that Alicorp has in working with bakeries, restaurants and wineries.

All of this will be carried out hand in hand with strategic allies that will come together throughout this initiative and we hope that there will be more and more. In the month of May we joined Exitosa and its Save a Pot program, bringing food and nutrition guidance to 12 pots. Likewise, we began to work with the NGO Juguete Pendiente, with which we will reach 100 pots located in 7 cities in Peru: Lima, Piura, Chiclayo, Trujillo, Arequipa, Cusco and Puno. With these first two alliances we will be benefiting more than 11,500 people. This is an ongoing process, in a permanent search for allies, to reach more pots, offering short-term support and also medium-term solutions for the sustainability of these social organizations.

Additionally, with the aim of adding more organizations to the Pots that Develop initiative, visibility will be given to the problems faced by these spaces and the work carried out by women volunteer leaders who demonstrate great commitment and resilience to maintain this solidary support.

In this way, Alicorp reinforces its commitment to the country and to Feeding a Better Tomorrow, based on the promotion of joint work with various sectors, which allows the construction of a model that can be sustainable and scalable, and can help thousands of families. Peruvians in the coming years.