May, 21 2020
  • The app is part of the digital strategy designed by the team of "We Care Peru" to address the Covid-19.
  • Alicorp, through its "Help the Help" shared experiences and knowledge geolocation to help manage the progress of the pandemic.

As part of the containment strategy for advancing the Covid-19 in the country, the team of "We Care Peru" launched a few weeks ago the second version of the application "Peru in Your Hands" which has already reached more than 1.5 million download and plans to reach 5 million in the coming weeks.

The tool offers triages digital medical as well as identifying the areas with the highest incidence of COVID-19, through a heat map level apples with red circles, in areas where there are carriers of the virus and orange circles where people who register symptoms.

The application is constantly updated according to the progress of the COVID in the country and seeks to be the first alert of citizens before heading out to perform permitted activities during and after quarantine.

In the coming weeks the application will launch a third version will include a trackeo system that will alert citizens in case they have had contact with someone who is infected with the virus.

Importantly , the application has a privacy policy that establishes the consent of citizens to protection of personal data and establishes the purpose, treatment and disposal of data after completion of the health emergency.

Alicorp, through its #AyudaalqueAyuda initiative, he joined the design of the tool, making available its expertise in geolocation and machine learning to meet the emergency and contain the spread of the pandemic

The public-private initiative has been developed in conjunction with companies and organizations such as the National Engineering University (UNI), the University of the Pacific (UP), University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC), MIT, Stanford University, INSEAD Paris and Universitat Pompeu Fabra & Barcelona GSE & IPEG & CEPR, La Salle University, Tekton Labs, Kambista, Sapia, Mr. Burns, Media Labs, AmigoCloud, the Ministry of the Interior of Korea, the Andean Community Development and the Bank Inter-American Development.

about #AyudaalqueAyuda

Alicorp #AyudaAlQueAyuda implements the initiative and makes available the donation valued at 15 million soles in order to support the most vulnerable and those heroes who are on the frontlines through the delivery of food and cleaning products. This commitment includes supporting the authorities with business platforms and knowledge that can help manage national emergency.