September, 02 2020

With the onset of health emergency and control measures to prevent contagion, came the closure of thousands of businesses nationwide. Some closed permanently, others changed rotation, but thousands were kept waiting for the resumption of activities which arrived in late July. Today, thousands of restaurants and bakeries and pastry shops begin to open, along with grocery sales business as warehouses or market stalls. All are adapted to continue with dreams that one day undertaken.

Faced with this new panorama, Alicorp launches its Crecemos Juntos program, through which reach more than 24,000 businesses nationwide. Thus, in the restaurant industry has been working with 11,400 businesses, including restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops. With them has raised the continuity of their business through access to credit, promotions, delivery of seed capital and support with knowledge through virtual training (in sanitation protocols, implementation of proper delivery, digital marketing and other issues ). Among the partnerships that the company has generated to stimulate demand, which stands next to Glover made in July. This promotion, based on a discount for orders generated 10,000 transactions allowed in 3 days, benefiting more than 100 small and medium restaurants in Lima.

"In Alicorp seek boost the recovery of thousands of business entrepreneurs who have grown through the years. Today we continue to build a better tomorrow with them and support them restart businesses that took so much effort forward , "said Luis Estrada, vice president of the B2B business of Alicorp.

In the segment of warehouses and market stalls, Alicorp expects to reach its shares to 13,000 businesses in 15 cities in the country. For this group the company is working on its suitability to adopt security measures through the implementation of signage and installation of insulation windows. Also, with the Ministry of Health, they are being implemented sink 129 stations in markets of Lima and Callao.

These actions digitization as a lever and enabler face this new scenario is added, it helps to keep health care protocols and simultaneously provides facilities to new business. Thus, Alicorp is making available to its digital customers various tools, among which platforms like Wally, which provides support for better management of their business through the digitization of processes, such as the implementation of a system of point of sale and the ability to create their own virtual stores.

"To meet this need we have developed proprietary platforms like, the marketplace for selling products to businesses Restaurants and supplemented with Wally. For traditional channels are promoting initiatives such as the virtual directory solidarity "We came to your house , " which offers a free display case small businesses grocery and market stalls to offer their products with service delivery , "he added.

Thus, Alicorp reinforces its commitment to the thousands of businesses nationwide in the resumption of its activities and promotes self-care and prevention among citizens, without neglecting growth and economic recovery.