October, 12 2022

In order to offer a different value proposition, the Peruvian mass consumption company, Alicorp, launched its first premium brand in the personal care category. Amaras is the name of this new line that was created with the aim of meeting the specific needs of the Peruvian consumer and at the same time facilitating access to top quality hair care products at a more affordable price.

"This is the most important innovation for Alicorp in the last decade," said Patricio Jaramillo, Regional Vice President of Mass Consumption and Innovation at Alicorp. Amaras has been created for Peruvian consumers, based on their needs and taking the weather conditions of our country as a reference. In this way, it takes advantage of the natural wealth of the Peruvian Amazon and jungle to offer a line of products - from

shampoo and conditioner to serums and oils for post washing - that are adapted to each type of hair and each climatic condition, such as humidity, effects of the sun or the hardness of the water that constantly damage the hair, he adds.

With products that provide a complete routine in the hair care process, Amaras offers three collections: Divine Repair, designed to repair hair from daily damage; Diosa Rulosa, for the care of curly hair, and Bendito Clima de Lima, designed to control frizz.

Amaras, has been co-created under a creative and strategic process that involved not only international experts in research and development with experience in the field of personal care such as Dr. Jason Burry or IDEO, a leading design and innovation company, but also to final consumers. In recent years, at Alicorp we have been 'innovating the way we innovate' and for this the consumer has become the center of our decisions; that is, we develop new solutions and products based on their needs and preferences, achieving as a result proposals with the highest standards of quality and performance in the category, indicates Patricio Jaramillo.

The three Amaras collections are already on sale at all points of sale nationwide.