June, 22 2020

'Negrita' is a brand that was born more than 60 years ago, inspired by the contribution of Afro - Peruvian community to this great fusion is the cuisine of Peru and, above all, its tastiest desserts. From its origins to today, it has become a hugely successful brand, consumed and loved by thousands of Peruvians.

At the same time, the way societies address the diversity and racism has evolved around this time. As a result of this process of change and progress, today we see with other eyes symbolizing marks and images that have spent decades of presence in Latin America, including 'Negrita' in Peru. That which previously could be considered positive, it is now inappropriate, because we are all aware that we seek to consolidate overcome stereotypes.

We have thought a lot about that feeling and we have seen what is happening right now in the world, in our region and in Peru. Therefore, in the context of our commitment to diversity and our firm opposition to racism in all its forms, we decided it was time to change.

Bold stop called bold and change its visual identity.

The new brand, which present in the first quarter of 2021 will be the product of co-creation, through an open call innovation. During the month of August it will begin this contest, for which we will be launching bases through our corporate channels.

The objective of this initiative is to find a new way to recognize all cultures and communities that have contributed to the fusion of sweet, unique and distinctive flavors that Peru. We will for this purpose with a different jury, to help us choose a brand that reflect the spirit of always, but with a name and identity consistent with our respect and appreciation of diversity.

In addition, over the coming months, in different operations Alicorp in Latin America have days listening with representatives from diverse communities to better understand their history and current concerns, and will call upon outside experts to help us down this path in different decisions we make as a company.

As part of our purpose to feed a better tomorrow, it behooves us to evolve to continue to inspire respect, inclusion and equity, and thus together build the society we want.