April, 08 2020
  • Cruzada institution and NGOs Recicla.pe Green and Healthy City, with the support of Alicorp, they deliver food baskets and cleaning products for recycling families.
  • The initiative will benefit more than 37 associations of recyclers about 15 districts of the capital.

The situation we have been facing has led many Peruvians can not perform tasks that allow them to bring sustenance to their homes. Within this vulnerable population are recyclers, Peruvians who like many others have had to stop working because of the emergency health situation by facing the country.

In response to this difficult situation, the institution Crusade and NGOs Recicla.pe Green and Healthy City, hand in hand with Alicorp, through the campaign #AyudaalqueAyuda decided to unite to deal with food baskets and cleaning supplies to 750 families 37 associations of waste pickers in the districts of Miraflores, Barranco, San Isidro, Villa el Salvador, San Martin de Porres, Comas, Villa Maria of the Triumph, Puente Piedra, Independencia, San Juan de Miraflores, Carmen de la Legua, Cieneguilla, Lurin, Jesus Maria and Brena, among others.

Today deliveries began in recyclers associations Barranco, Chorrillos and Villa El Salvador. During the presentation, Mr. Elmer Flores, representative of the Association of Recyclers of Villa El Salvador said: "We are grateful for the help given to us to overcome this situation. We ask citizens to stay at home and meet isolation, so that soon we can overcome this illness and return to our activities. "

For its part, the Green Crusade coordinator, Enrique Rojas, said: " We appreciate the commitment of associations of recyclers to comply with the quarantine and respect the indications of the state. We will continue working to support recyclers "

Thus, institutions and private companies strengthen their commitment to support those in need, to remain in their homes and protect their health and that of their families.