May, 16 2022

We continue to promote the development of common pots in the country! During the first two weeks of the program, we have delivered 27,000 food rations thanks to our #OllasQueDevelop initiative, which seeks to support and strengthen the most needy common pots.

The common pots "Las Esperanzas", "Entrepreneurial Women", "Lord of Miracles", "Very Very", "Emprendedoras de Santo Domingo" and "Los Vencedores" , all located in Lima, received non-perishable food during the last week to continue with the great volunteer work of providing food to their community.

Thus, in line with our purpose of Feeding a better tomorrow , today there are already 10 common pots that received donations of food to be used as supplies for a month.

These actions are possible thanks to a coordinated effort hand in hand with strategic allies such as Juguete Pending, and also thanks to dissemination in various media outlets such as Exitosa and America Tv.

We will continue promoting the development of these spaces and the coordinated work from various sectors for the benefit of thousands of Peruvian families.

About the initiative:

With #PotsThatDevelop, it is expected to have a positive impact on common pots nationwide so that they can be sustainable and scalable over time. This will be done through donations of food, donation of equipment and training for the people who lead and manage the day-to-day running of the pots. Visibility and the search for strategic allies will also be reinforced to join forces in multisectoral work.