We feed a better tomorrow

Because to feed is to inspire, improve, grow; it is to change the world. This is not a statement, it is a movement

We started as a company oil and soaps; we expanded the category of foods, home and personal care. Today we feed the growth of each country where we are and improve the quality of life of our employees, suppliers, investors, consumers and communities.

This is the north that we follow and the reason that motivates us to innovate, to improve every action we take, in line with our values and strategic pillars.

Our history

  • 1956
    Industries Anderson, Clayton & Co.
    We began operations in Callao, including Industrias Anderson, Clayton & Co. (ACC)., manufacturer of oils and soaps
  • 1971
    The Romero Group acquires Anderson Clayton & Company
    With the purchase of the production of edible oils and fats, we took the name Peru Pacific Industrial Company S.A. (CIPPSA)
  • 1990
    Merger with Romero Group companies
    CIPPSA merges with Calixto Romero S.A. and Oleaginous Pisco S.A.
  • 1995
    Pacific Food Manufacturing Consortium
    We assume a new name to acquire La Fabril S.A. and Consorcio Distributor S.A.
  • 1996
    Nicolini and Molinera of Peru unite
    With the acquisition of these companies, we increase participation in categories flour, noodles, balanced foods and cereals
  • 1997
    Alicorp S.A.A. is born
    We begin a new stage of consolidation business
  • 2005
    We started our expansion process in Latin America
    We started exports to Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Brazil
  • 2008
    We arrived in Argentina
    We entered Argentina through the sale of personal care products by integrating The Value Brand Company
  • 2010
    Okebon is a has Alicorp
    Continued expansion in Argentina through okebon, recognized brand of cookies
  • 2012
    Sayon in Peru and start operating in Chile
    In Peru, we acquired portfolio executioner. we arrived in chile with our animal nutrition business through salmofood
  • 2013
    A new destination: Brazil
    We acquire pastificio Santa Amalia, a leading consumer brand in the state of minas gerais
  • 2014
    Vitapro born and joins global food
    Our aquaculture business becomes vitapro leader in its category. Global Food and acquire cereal brand angel
  • 2015
    Alicorp solutions
    Our business becomes Alicorp B2B solutions and masterbread born, focused on providing solutions for frozen bread
  • 2018
    Fino and sao Bolivia
    Fino we acquire the most important and sao companies, oil companies, milling and mass consumption of Bolivia
  • 2019
    We reaffirm our commitment to investment in Peru, with the acquisition of industrial intradevco

Our model

Our mission

We transform our markets through leading brands, generating extraordinary experiences in our consumers. We are constantly innovating to create value and welfare in society.

Our vision

To be leaders in the markets in which we compete.

Our values

We unite and guide the way we work

We lead with passion

We are passionate leaders in everything we do. We are entrepreneurs with a winning spirit and courage, which drives us to innovate and transform markets.

We're connected

We feel the goals of the organization as their own and fulfill excellence. Work connected to create value and wellbeing.

We are agile and flexible

We are an agile and flexible team, we take risks, learn from our mistakes and celebrate our successes with humility.

We trust

We live in an environment where people feel safe to express what they think. Genuinely trust in our employees and their talents.

We respect

We are upright and honest. We respect our people, customers, consumers, environment and community. We welcome different views.

Our strategic pillars

We prepare for the future, adapting to changes and demands of the markets in which we participate, always leveraging on our three pillars.


We strive to be leaders in the businesses in which we are present. We have set challenging but achievable goals, with growth above the levels of the markets in which we compete. Our commitment is to continue growing steadily and efficiently.


We are building a culture of efficiency with simplicity and agility discipline, and commitment to act as owners, being efficient in everything we do.


We trust and develop the talents of our people to strengthen our culture, which will drive us toward growth targets. We seek to share knowledge and experiences, and bring the "culture alicorp" wherever we go. We are working to strengthen our model of government and our roles.



Promote digital transformation and use advanced analytics to create value for our shareholders, employees, customers, consumers and communities.


Strengthen a culture and innovation capabilities, investing in businesses with potential for the future to ensure our long-term growth.

International presence

We have business operations in 8 countries in latin america where we export to various markets, 4 business lines and over 150 own brands.

Business lines
Own brands
Business lines
Own brands

Negocios en países de Latinoamérica

  • Peru

  • Colombia

  • Ecuador

  • Bolivia

  • Uruguay

  • Peru

  • Peru

  • Ecuador

  • Mexico

  • Honduras

  • Chile

  • Bolivia

Our businesses

Consumer Goods
Food, home care and personal care
Ingredients and inputs for the bakery, food and large industries sectors
Balanced food for shrimp, salmon and fish
Crushing oil seeds
Flour and refined oils made from sunflower seeds and soybeans

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