Our businesses

Massive consume
Food, home care and personal care
Ingredients and inputs for the sectors of bakery, gastronomy and large industries
Balanced food for shrimp, salmon and fish
Crushing oil seeds
Flour and refined oils made from sunflower seeds and soybeans

Our model of sustainable development

manage our business with a focus on generating shared value.

Habits and promote balanced lifestyles in our consumers, employees and society. we are always attentive to the needs of our consumers and new consumption trends.
Environmental care
Our operations constantly seek to generate efficiencies that allow us to reduce the impact of our activities and achieve efficient use of resources.
Development value chain
We strengthen the capabilities of our key stakeholders, to foster entrepreneurship and promote employability. therefore, we promote individual development or business initiatives through training, feedback and social investment.
Environmental care
Development value chain

Opportunities alicorp

catch the opportunities we have for you.

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