Our operations constantly seek to generate efficiencies that allow us to reduce the impact of our activities and achieve efficient use of resources.


We are committed to generating efficiencies in three areas: energy consumption, packaging management and waste management.

All our initiatives are being worked on together with our suppliers and strategic partners, always ensuring measurement, management, reduction and recycling.

Our initiatives

Energy consumption

  • Between 2010 and 2018, we increased our operational efficiency by reducing energy consumption by 26% for every ton produced. In energy management, we implemented intelligent lighting in various plants and made modifications to the air conditioning system; On the other hand, our collaborators worried about making more efficient use of the production equipment, which resulted in a significant saving of time and energy.

Waste management

  • During 2018, Alicorp recycled 53% of its waste, equivalent to 9,883.71 tons of plastic, cardboard and wood, among other materials. Additionally, we managed to recycle 9,776 units of disused cylinders, cardboard drums, among others. Our waste management allows us to have a strategy to manage, with 100% sustainable criteria, plant waste, always ensuring an adequate final disposal.

RSPO certificate


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